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About us


Welcome to Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (GESA) Private Limited

We are inspired by the German word ‘Gesa’ which means strength of the sphere. As the name suggests, we would want to be a driving strength in the field of safety and security to improve and support communities where we exist. We are a professional and independent entity, providing health, safety and security solutions and products. We operate in the areas of training, consulting and resourcing (placements) with public and private sectors and providing safety equipment.
Our training comprises of professional certification programs of different levels and topics, delivered by qualified trainers. Consulting service is holistic, right from diagnosis to delivery. The industry is facing a dearth of trained professionals with the required theoretical and practical knowledge. Here is where our placement service comes to aid. We aim to not limit the industry outlook to procuring or delivering of health & safety products and services; it should instead be a way of life.
We want to enable individuals and organisations implement the thought ‘prevention is better than cure’ in their actions and decisions. Th directors at GESA are veterans and experts in their respective field. Together with their management and guidance, we are confident of exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our Services

• Training
• EHS Management & Consulting
• Auditing & Inspection
• Security Solutions
• Courses and Programmers
• Manpower Resourcing
• Products
• Fire System Installation
• Membership

We have also extended our services for the industries:

• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Fertilizer
• Corporate offices
• Public utilities, etc.

We are passionate about our business and are specialist, capable of providing an extensive range of services while caring about our clients’ specific needs and requirements. Our objective is to maintain and provide the best services and products, along with improving ourselves continuously.


GESA aspires to be instrumental in prioritising ‘safety & security’ at the individual, group and organisation level of varied nature, thereby co-owning safety programs, and co-creating safe working and living places.

Our vision induces passion in us. We understand it is audacious, and that is what brings us together as an organisation. Our expertise in the field of safety and security, in knowledge and practice, has helped us in designing and delivering quality driven efficient solutions to protect people and environment.


To be a catalyst for sensitising individuals and organisations, making the desired behavioural and cultural change towards prevention and management of fire, safety, disaster and security.

To achieve our dream, we work at the awareness and implementation level. We create awareness on safety, health and environment through training and education, in organisations and public forums. At the implementation level, we audit workplaces, provide security professionals and equipment and deliver safety solutions by consulting organisations and communities on these matters, to bridge the gap to prevent and manage emergencies effectively.

What differentiates us:

  • Our Human Resource: At the apex, GESA is driven by professionals who are qualified, competent and committed to the cause of bringing safety to the forefront. It changes the approach towards the way solutions are designed and delivered to our clients. The authenticity and commitment run top-down and is cascaded to the entry-level employees.
  • 360-degree approach: We equip our clients with knowledge, equipment, systems and processes. Our services are holistic; advising on the internal processes and systems, equipping the staff with knowledge, developing the desired competencies and internal capabilities, to prevent and combat any unforeseen incident.
  • We make our clients independent: We prepare the internal trainers to be the change agents to lead the transformation within the organisation. Eventually, the dream for our clients is to make them independent, to be able to prevent and manage unfortunate events effectively.
  • Personalised approach: Listening is a critical skill that we look for in our employees. It is because we want to listen to our clients and their need, to provide them with services meeting their specific demand and expectations.

Our Values

Our values are the principles we live. These are essential non-negotiables, it guides us under various circumstances, it drives our thoughts, actions and decisions. It is who we are and what we stand for!

  • Action Oriented: It is about being self-driven to initiate the required actions, instead of waiting to be told what to do. It is a prerequisite and a bare minimum expectation we have from ourselves and our people. The principle applies in all situations, be it while delivering a training program, or facing an untoward accident. We firmly believe that GESA is not the right place for a person who would have difficulty with this trait.
  • Passionate: We attract individuals who are as passionate as we are, about health-safety-security. Our passion reflects in our interactions & solutions. It enthuses us to give the same level of consideration and precision to all our projects. It makes us keep our commitments and be responsive to our clients.
  • Presence of mind: We consider it critical and unavoidable to analyse, think logically, and apply the knowledge in practice before arriving at the desired solution in any context. We make a conscious effort to transmit this value to our stakeholders to build capabilities. In the process, it helps us get closer to our mission of making the behavioural change in individuals we work with, towards safety and its management.


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