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What differentiates us:

  • Our Human Resource: At the apex, GESA is driven by professionals who are qualified, competent and committed to the cause of bringing safety to the forefront. It changes the approach towards the way solutions are designed and delivered to our clients. The authenticity and commitment run top-down and is cascaded to the entry-level employees.
  • 360-degree approach: We equip our clients with knowledge, equipment, systems and processes. Our services are holistic; advising on the internal processes and systems, equipping the staff with knowledge, developing the desired competencies and internal capabilities, to prevent and combat any unforeseen incident.
  • We make our clients independent: We prepare the internal trainers to be the change agents to lead the transformation within the organisation. Eventually, the dream for our clients is to make them independent, to be able to prevent and manage unfortunate events effectively.
  • Personalised approach: Listening is a critical skill that we look for in our employees. It is because we want to listen to our clients and their need, to provide them with services meeting their specific demand and expectations.
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