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Our Values

Our values are the principles we live. These are essential non-negotiables, it guides us under various circumstances, it drives our thoughts, actions and decisions. It is who we are and what we stand for!

  • Action Oriented: It is about being self-driven to initiate the required actions, instead of waiting to be told what to do. It is a prerequisite and a bare minimum expectation we have from ourselves and our people. The principle applies in all situations, be it while delivering a training program, or facing an untoward accident. We firmly believe that GESA is not the right place for a person who would have difficulty with this trait.
  • Passionate: We attract individuals who are as passionate as we are, about health-safety-security. Our passion reflects in our interactions & solutions. It enthuses us to give the same level of consideration and precision to all our projects. It makes us keep our commitments and be responsive to our clients.
  • Presence of mind: We consider it critical and unavoidable to analyse, think logically, and apply the knowledge in practice before arriving at the desired solution in any context. We make a conscious effort to transmit this value to our stakeholders to build capabilities. In the process, it helps us get closer to our mission of making the behavioural change in individuals we work with, towards safety and its management.
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