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Electronic Security Services

Geotic Environment Safety And Security Alliance(Gesa) Private Limited provide a complete Solution for electronic security system

GESA electronic security lay out highest standard of professionalism with well equipped and trained staff with specialized security services with latest technology innovations and update. It can also provide security personnel or other services in order to reduce your logistics and administrative burden. We can support and promote, the protection of your organizations by http://meity.gov.in/ ; a statutory code of practice for surveillance camera systems and automatic systems.

GESA have a high excellence reassurance manager in the security field with a decade experience on a daily basis checking and evaluating the quality of work our teams are furnishing. We render an array of electronic security systems and solution to organizations of all size across India and internationally. We use the most excellent innovative technologies and practice to come up to you with the most secure, consistent and reliable electronic security and solutions. We carry out comprehensive audits and evaluation to enable us the deliver outstanding security solutions and had maximum value to client.

GESA assures complete security without compromising your company progressive performance. With decades of experience of our security team we can offer an array of services, from design, installation, upgrades and maintenance of your existing CCTV systems and other electronic security installations.

Our professional team of security can ensure you your security system are fully operational and performing optimally better. We walk around or client schedules and we are available to carry out planned preventive maintenance and reactive work 24 / 7 / 365 days.  We offer completely well thought-out plan, our full service includes free maintenance of equipments, its installations, its replacement during guarantee period, monthly evaluations of the system and a secure customer friendly relationship.

GESA Electronic Security Services includes the following:

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):  In this era, CCTV serves an essential function in day to day life. GESA electronic service provides outstanding CCTV, its design, install, management and after installation services. We provide a CCTV installation plan based on your company geographic locations and inside layout installation plan to have a maximum coverage with each installation. Our technical team provides you with 3D procedure strategy and guides you with correct cables, video recording and CCTV footage storage and backup.

Public Scanning System (PCS):   We provide hands on training and experience to your employee for image analysis. Our training and services can be customized as per your financial plan. Our skilled experts not only do installation but also provide the overview of use of machine, its functionalities, and how to counter technical glitches.

Baggage Scanning and Checking: We are rendering high level of security solutions in form of Baggage and scanning and checking. X ray scanner is used nationally and internationally for thorough baggage and cargo analysis and to categorize the various threats. We has different categories and range of machines depending upon the client needs and financial plan of company. We install, check and edify functionalities and provide maintenance of equipment installed. Different range consist of tunnel size, 3D imaging, X-ray, CT tomography, single and dual view etc.

Visitor Management System (VMS): Our services are customized on basis of client’s requirement and financial plan. We provide exclusively visitor management software to trck various visitors, their activity, complete and correct physical attributes so s to monitor the complete security Facilitating with latest technology, design, installation and maintenance package is available with us.

  • Time Management System
  • Queue Management System

Fire and Emergency Alarm: Security fire and emergency alarms system is a established technique of illicit and crime activity prevention and preclusion, GESA security system holds a license in fire and emergency alarm installation. We render the Fire detection and emergency alarm is an integrated system warning, protecting and saving lives in case of fire emergencies. Upon the customer requirement we do monthly, half yearly and yearly monitoring and evaluation of the complete system. If your system is triggered internally or externally your company will be notified immediately.

Parking Management System (PMS): GESA aspire to provide highest standard and expectations of clients by offering Premium Quality of Parking management software, Automated access control system, real time vehicle counting, video surveillances, parking guidance display ,24/7 customer service, enable fool proof security, card based and license based.

GESA ensures that whenever our clients require our help  we are there with all our support services to provide and ensure the complete electronic security to make your workplace secure and safest place to work  as a result, your company would have the enhance output of each employee .

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