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Certificate courses

(National Institute of Safety & Technical Studies) NISTS – Academy offers series of certificate courses to bring relevant, performance based, evidence based education in our society approved by international and national standards. Our certificate courses also present you with information’s and all the details about Fire, Safety, Health, Environment, Biomedical waste, Blood borne pathogen, Bio safety, Chemical hygiene plan training, Disaster and Rescue Studies. In additions NISTS – Academy will also presents other certification courses apart from safety field to ensure safe and protected environment in the workplace.

Courses and Training from NISTS – Academy Why ?

The courses will introduce you the different way of exposure and designed by the experts of the respective fields to get the optimum knowledge and expertise to work with workforce at workplace.  Our certification courses will guide you to learn the importance of the course you have enrolled. Henceforth enable the employees to be protected from injury, reduction in low productivity, and higher level of satisfaction of employer and workers. NISTS – Academy will give you inclusive, absolute and high quality training courses which are obvious reflect in terms of high passing rate and satisfaction.

Our some of the NISTS – Academy certification courses are listed below:

  1.   GESA Private Course Titles
  2.   Mandatory H&S Titles
  3.   Fire Safety Training
  4.   Stress at Work
  5.   Fire Safety Training for Hotels
  6.   Fire Safety Training for Care Homes
  7.   Asbestos Awareness
  8.   Fire Safety Schools
  9.   First Aid at Work
  10.   DSE and Office Ergonomics
  11.   DSE Pro (includes call centre workers)
  12.   Manual Handling and Risk Assessment
  13.   Slips Trips Falls
  14.   HSE Induction to working safely (employers and employees)
  15.  Food Hygiene (aimed at anyone working with food)
  16. Corporate Manslaughter Induction to the new LAW
  17. COSHH Introduction to COSHH /REACH
  18. Electrical Safety At Work
  19.  Driver Safety – Cars
  20.  Driver Safety – LGVs
  21.  Equality & Diversity
  22.  Dealing with Violence and Aggression
  23. Infection Control
  24. Patient Moving and Handling
  25.  Fire Safety HTM and Fire Code
  26.   DSE Clinical Workers
  27.  Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults & Children

All the certification courses are provided onsite, off site and online as per the specifications and need of the industries and companies.

All the certification courses have modules, No. of modules are based on type of courses and training.

All the certification courses are designed by the experienced and well trained certified experts of their respective field.

All the certification courses are fully interactive, online audio, video and technology based training while onsite training is provided with expert’s demonstrator and trainer.

All the certification courses are recognized by international, national standards in regulation of OSHA, NEBOSH etc

All the study material is provided by NISTS – Academy online and offline in all formats.

NISTS – Academy completely understand the different requirements of each industry and companies so we can redesign our training courses upon the request of the companies to match up the specific needs of the companies with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

All the certification courses are duration based depending upon the type of courses opted by the companies, industries or individual. Certificate is provided at the end of the courses after the examination.

The final mark sheet of result with recognized certificate is given to the students who passed the examination with minimum passing marks.

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