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Diploma & Advance Diploma courses

(National Institute of Safety & Technical Studies) NISTS – Academy provides you superior quality training with National Diploma qualification. NISTS – Academy has knowledgeable and experienced skill trainers which are available to support you in your career and develop with delivering our some of the diploma training courses. We are looking to give the best training not only for certification but develop skills which is beneficial for the industries you are involved with and companies will be keen in their company as a powerful comrade to support workforce.

Our company has high customized learning modules on our courses that cater and develop your own needs. Our services are cost-effective with perfect combination of Fire, EHS and security which we commit to our statement. NISTS – Academy has set standards to provide education and develop experience by demonstrated knowledge and increase skills into people

Our diploma and advanced diploma is comprehensive Our motive is to provide diploma courses that enable you to grow at levels with valuable certification with essential development in occupational health and safety (National Institute of Safety & Technical Studies) NISTS – Academy is helping you to inspire, educate and engage the best practice in your field of diploma which you have enrolled. Our extensive range of diploma courses are facilitated by highly qualified safety practitioner, bring a wealth of knowledge into every courses and to deliver you National approved courses to improvise the traditional practice and knowledge with the latest upgraded and best use of technology and equipments.

All the diploma and advanced diploma are provided onsite, off site and online as per the specifications and need of the industries and companies.

All the diploma and advanced diploma have modules, No. of modules are based on type of courses and hands on training.

All the diploma and advanced diploma are designed by the experienced and well trained certified experts of their respective field.

All the diploma and advanced diploma are fully interactive, online audio, video and technology based training while onsite training is provided with expert’s demonstrator and trainer.

All the diploma and advanced diploma are recognized by international, national standards in regulation of OSHA, NEBOSH etc

All the study material is provided by NISTS – Academy online and offline in all formats.

NISTS – Academy completely understand the different requirements of each industry and companies so we can redesign our training courses upon the request of the companies to match up the specific needs of the companies with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

All the diploma and advanced diploma are duration based depending upon the type of courses opted by the companies, industries or individual. Certificate is provided at the end of the courses after the examination.

The final mark sheet of result with recognized certificate is given to the students who passed the examination with minimum passing marks.

The primary objective of this diploma and advanced diplomas is to impart technical education and training in managing safely of list mentioned below. The emphasis is given to understanding the basic concepts of each diploma and post diploma mentioned below. The fundamentals of each diploma courses need to be understood , suggestions and recommendations to improvise the current scenario of industries, the inculcation of upgraded technology with latest feature so as to provide full protection and safety management for all the workforce at the workplace.

NISTS – Academy is convinced to offer diploma in safety management for the occupational health and safety program in industries for employers and employees. In our courses hazards identification, recognition, reporting and addressing of the hazards to higher authorities, preventive and suggestive measures to tackle the emergencies circumstances with minimum loss of lives and properties. The use of personal protection equipments at different onsite locations such as Oil and Gas, Offshore, electrical handling, disaster and their management is our top priorities.

  • Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety :
  • Diploma in Environmental safety
  • Diploma in Offshore Safety
  • Diploma in Construction Safety
  • Diploma in Electrical Safety
  • Diploma in Food Safety
  • Diploma in Disaster Management
  • Diploma in Safety, Health & Environment
  • Post Diploma in Petro-chemical process safety & engineering :
  • Advanced Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Chemical Plant Processing Safety & Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

NISTS – Academy believes in complete application of training and implementation of training in the industries obtained from our diploma and advanced diploma courses.

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