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GESA safety and industrial product is a division of distribution from manufacturing company. Disha totally committed to working closely with every customer, company and supplier. Geyser offers complete supply of safety products and our ever-expanding comer supplying product flaxseed the appropriate requirements of the client. All company is newly established in 2017 right to business partner who share the same vision and sons the company has gone from strength to strength going for beyond expectations.

When you contact us about purchasing industrial supplies come you’re are working with industrial expert. We can help you to buy the right protected industrial powder for your safety needs because we know it’s important for you to be able to protect your employees and maintain compliance, and create safety culture. For GESA safety is also used concerned with most equipment and machinery and it is an area with it very seriously at our product.

We offer a wide range of safety services as well as courses which is designed to ensure safe for performance of your company and you employees, but also the safety of the operating machineries. We have a huge inventory of product that will suit your needs.

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