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International Courses

(National Institute of Safety & Technical Studies) NISTS – Academy aims to give fully sound, environment safe and healthy environment to employers and employees at workplace along with different trainings we also provides International courses with collaboration between TUTIS TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY (KUWAIT) in fire, safety, environment, security and some other courses mention below.

We also prepare individuals or industries through our courses to achieve their personal career goals and also rendering the industries with best of certified workforce which will industries to move ahead progressively. International educational Courses are Eligible after higher Secondary education (HSE) or post-secondary education. It includes the entire academics program up to the level of Bachelor degree.

NISTS-Academy & TUTIS provides multi programme in environment health & safety and some other technical stream that examines the relation between workplace factors and human health. Student study the subject include the syllabus given to them through the regulatory affairs the course and resources. We prepare our students to have necessary skills in depth knowledge through our experts and marching towards a sound career, NISTS – Academy also counsel and provide placement and proper guidance to our students to catch the right opportunities to get ahead in life with sound career..

NISTS-Academy & TUTIS provides the student with the high quality qualification in the multidisciplinary area, where he/she studies can identify different types of accidents, recognition and basic step to reduce accidents and incidents through developing safety culture. It enables student to work across all sectors as occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. There are continuous demand for such environmental safety and health and fire for such International Courses across all sectors. Our courses include proper classrooms lecture series, audio video, full technology based interactive sessions, practice onsite, case studies of several accidents and preventions as well all inclusive of several project work and test series.

NISTS-Academy & TUTIS, programme offers the opportunity to experience life as health and safety professional. NISTS-Academy & TUTIS, believe that workplaces in India is safer as compared to before and still goes on improving, and we believes our professionals should  be very keen and critical  as specific to their work  and for industries with their relevant work. NISTS-Academy & TUTIS, Thanks in large part to occupational health and safety professional that developed safety in organizations and in society.

NISTS-Academy & TUTIS, professionally helps to develop and implement initiative that improve health, safety and well-being in working environment across every sector using efficient and successful enactment and implementation  to enrich and widen their career facets.

Some International Courses of NISTS-Academy are listed below:

  • IOSH – MANAGING SAFELY 4.0 / ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION: This course includes teaching workforce how to manage their respective areas safe. This course is approved by IOSH. Al the necessary skills required to manage safely are included in the syllabus of the curse.  The course emphasize on policy, formulating, organizing, applications, auditing and monitoring all aspects of managing safely 4.0. The module also consists of accident investigation policies and procedures.
  • BRITISH SAFETY COUNCIL (BSC) COURSES: This includes syllabus which is fully designed by experienced experts for education of  occupational health and safety which can be implemented on workforce to get better output from each individual.
  • CSP Workshop: The workshop includes explanation and preparation of statistics and probability, risk assessment and management. The enroll students will gain information f various facets of safety engineering and mathematics etc.
  • CIEH: Level 3 training in the course is includes which consist of introduction, understanding and developing the components of CIEH.
  • OHSAS LEAD AUDITOR: The international course is designed to boost your career. The accepted national and international regulations of OSHA are incorporated in the syllabus of the course so as to make the individual component to work as a lead auditor IRCA certified.
  • MEDIC FIRST AID: NISTS – Academy is one of the finest academies to offer training and qualifications on First aid solutions. Our well trained skilled trainer imparts high class with entire equipments support to all the members enrolling for this course.
  • SCAFFOLDING TRAINING INSTITUTE (STI) USA: We have certified and approved training institute which offers the students to learn the basic of scaffolding, than advanced training of scaffolding which helps them to make better their career with certification by international standards approved by OSHA.
  • HACCP: NISTS – Academy provides with the basic knowledge and preparation pase how to set up HACCP system at the workplace.The course modules also include all principles and implementation of the system with and control measures the workforce.
  • RoSPA: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is one of the institute in collaboration of NISTS – Academy offers you the wide range of health and safety training international courses improving the career and industries fruitful progression.
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