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Security Services

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance(Gesa) Private Limited security is the newly established company with highly experience security services which provides to the multi-corporation like hotels, corporate, houses, residences, embassy, educational institutions, industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs, celebrities, events, cash security, etc.

GESA security upon customer specific needs whether or not wants uniform security officers or in civil dress code to analyze the threat so as to protect life property and information for client in market and business sector. Our expert come up to every security issues with immense professionalism. Security guards are mark distinctive through watch man in the 19th century which has served our communities since the middle ages. As many private security firms not much has changed since the middle ages. GESA Security solutions keep training its staff with new security skills updating its system with latest technology and equipment with all dimensions which is an an essential part of any protection plan and an integral aspect of what is the offer our client.

All businesses have blind spot that require the use of an expert eye for the safety and protection of people associated with it.

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance(Gesa) Private Limited security services is one of the newly growing and highly active security services which is providing several public and private sectors all over the world. Since 2017 we are working hard to occupy a leading position in providing integrated security solutions.

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited has been drawn in security solutions like


  • Unarmed Personal: Protection and safety is our goal. Gesa security services built its belief on complete protection of the client. Our services include the complete investigation of staff, its background record and rendering expert training to be a part of our team. We adhere to the stringent codes of professionalism. We provide bodyguard for the day, we also provide security for event shows based on the client needs whether or not on security dress codes or civil dress in case of threat attacks. We provide full time bodyguards whether or not to be armed or unarmed.
  • Cash Security Management Services: GESA security solutions provide a safe and secure association between banks, dealer and business corporations. We are focused on resourceful routing of cash and scheduling coordination with best standard regulations providing cash management services. Some of our key features are as follows: currency processing, pick up services, bank transit, cash accountability and on time cash availability to end user.
  • Event Security Management: We want our client to be cynosure on event rather than distressing about any threat or its security beit personal or professional event. We undertake corporate event security management and meetings. We also provide additional support of security in emergency response, traffic management, mob management in educational institute events, colleges or university fest, corporate events or annual celebration, real time safety checks, are our priority including risk management plan.
  • Personal Bodyguards And Bouncer: GESA is distinguished in providing well trained, trustworthy, certified expert with no criminal record background personal bodyguards and bouncers as security guard, VIP security guard and bouncer, NRI personal bouncer, educational institute festival bouncer, party event and bodyguards, hotel and events personal bodyguard and bouncers.
  • Security Audit: GESA believes in audit is an essential part of every organization security be it personal, corporate or public for safety of workplace a, staff and peoples associated with along with all security solutions our audit ream with decade experienced asses all security system, physical configuration, client practices, its usage surrounding environment and safety checks with certified reports compliant with regulations and laws of security.
  • Lady Marshall: GESA on client exclusively requirement provide well trained lady security guards for the protection and management of women and children. Our lady marshals are established and certified by the local police. GESA also aims to provide employment to the commendable and worthy women who wish to work as a lady security guard.

Our safety and security service aspires to provide protection to the staff and people concerned with it. With this safety shield we wants that every employee should work in safe and sound environment on workplace this thought process is enabling us to reach the hearts of people and becoming a very popular choice for all types of business related to safety and security.


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