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Online & E-Learning

(National Institute of Safety & Technical Studies) NISTS – Academy provides you the online & E-Learning courses of an ideal solution if you want to complete your certification but you can’t take the time of work to attend classroom. NISTS – Academy with the online and E-learning is mobile and PC friendly, we are launching user friendly applications which is the one and all tool for study and all FAQ’s. We provide online lecture series, seminars and webinars, photographs, case studies to develop the understanding towards each training and weekly test to increase the necessary in dept knowledge. Our online & E-Learning courses are developed by our expert including all our course material designed by our experts who has decades of experience in developing the latest techniques of learning for different styles of learning. This Online & E-Learning a course has been designed to be industry relevant and is fully recognized by National and international safety Standards institute universities. Our online & E-Learning courses will provide the participant online materials and training video to develop skills effectively the performing the roles and responsibilities at workplace. All the course content is available offline for its students so they can study and understand the concept from anywhere. Our online and e-Learning courses are suitable for the company and organization that required their employee to be train with workplace related activities. We will provide participants to learn how to respond in emergencies. How to be concerned about the work which has a impact upon the environment, safe use of the product and proper disposal of the hazards from the industries. NISTS – Academy will pave a way to great career with safe and sound environment safety.

In Our NISTS – Academy online & E-Learning health and safety courses student will come to understand the importance of safety in life of themselves and their loved ones. A wide range of online and e-Learning courses are designed and developed by industry expert to ensure that you are comprehensively trained to carry out your work confidently and safely at your workplace for your workforce.

Our some of the online and e-learning courses are listed below:

  1. Fire Safety Training in the workplace
  2. Fire Safety Training for Hotels
  3. Fire Safety Schools
  4. Fire Safety Training for Care Homes
  5. Fire Warden Training
  6. Driver Safety
  7. Manual Handling and Risk Assessment
  8. Slips Trips Falls
  9. HSE Induction to Working Safely
  10. Working at Heights (ladder safety)
  11. Environmental Awareness ISO-14001 (includes EMS ISO-14001)
  12. Food Hygiene Professional
  13. Risk Management
  14. Electrical Safety At Work
  15. Risk Management
  16. Hand Arm Vibration
  17. Noise At Work
  18. Dealing with Violence and Aggression
  19. Stress at Work
  20. First Aid at Work
  22. Asbestos Awareness
  23. Infection Control
  24. Patient Moving and Handling
  25. Fire Safety HTM and Fire Code

For more detail please contacts our office or given contact number.

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