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Facility Management Services(FMS)

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance(Gesa) Private Limited is the latest inclusion in Facility Management Services (FMS),  The goal of venturing into Facility Management Services (FMS) is to provide customize Facility Management Services(FMS) to our customers and clients which they focus on the core business activities, to enable them to learn the most up-to-date expertise used by primary facility administrators and outsource the routine activities to create a protected,  profitable and worthwhile lucrative business enterprise such as :


A Facility Management Services (FMS) is a systematic and professional management process of making it perfect and proficient delivery of support services that ordered and required by the client and customers. GESA is oriented towards to provide finest top notch services to its patronage.

GESA aspire and trained its staff in such a degree to be flexible and adaptable to regulate and incorporate the demands and requirements of customer business thus allowing customers to be prepared for any situation like arrangement of special, investment from foreign companies, much more services moved expansion devoid of the overhead of keeping devoted personnel for the same.

If you want to improve the performance of your company’s facilities Our Facility Management Services (GESA) is the right choice. We designed and delivered according to the customer requirements which need to be the significant growth over the past few years to become the best service provider nationwide in the presence of like few others. Facility Management Services GESA‘s objective is to synchronize demand, exigency and supply of facilities and services within public and private organization.

GESA believes that everyday more businesses around the world realize that outsourcing facility management gives them a number of advantage over the competition both in the short and long run. The main advantage of course is that a company can put it entire might behind its core business objective of profitability and in extension growth. With GESA companies can increase their knowledge on core topics. The GESA Facility Management System plays an important role in the daily operations and management processes. Delivery facility management is more complex than delivering single services and hence requires more project management processes and support system.

GESA allows companies and industries to enhance its performance of facilities and sustain it in a long run. To continuously improve our facility management offering we focus on our ability to execute an operator Facility Management System or something that set us apart in daily services delivery and performance management.


GESA offers the most trustable and most systematic professional services with well trained staff. Depending upon the customer needs we provide different package for cleaning services which include one day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six months and yearly. We also provide housekeeping and cleaning services on urgent basis one time cleaning. GESA aspire to meet the hopes and expectations of the customers. Our Housekeeping and cleaning services is a planned and systematic process of making a neat and clean with zero complaints, up to standard of the client or patronage. We are keen to clean everything and anything that is dirty, dusty and dungy (3D). We believe in basic and deep cleaning of a place, be it commercial, residential, our well trained expertise staff cleans places, offices in companies and a stacked material in its own place in a healthy and systematic operational order. Our endeavor is to provide a clean and healthier workplace to your employees like a home. Due to our dedicated and well trained staff ewe have gained loyal customer, and won the trust and hearts of the people associated with us enabling us to get the popularity and customer from each part of the nation internationally.

GESA offers expertise in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of the following:

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Project Cleaning
  • Removing cobwebs, dusting light fixtures.
  • Sweeping and mopping of entire area.
  • Cleaning staircase, raised panels.
  • Dusting and cleaning of ceilings, furniture, fans, banister etc
  • Cleaning glass doors, mirrors and offices cupboards
  • Office And Commercial Cleaning
  • Scooping out ashes of fireplace
  • All the boxes and drawers
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpet crevices
  • Empting all trash of all floors outside office.
  • Housekeeping Of Warehouse As Well As Workshop And Corporate And
  • House Cleaning Services cleans and disinfect toilet, sink, washrooms


We are Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited (Hospitality & Cleaning Services Division), we are proud to have been able to establish expert teams of Tea girls / Tea boys / Cleaners and food servers who possess qualification and are well skilled and  experienced in this field. Our professional staff is currently working at Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Ministry Offices and educational institutes in India as well as abroad for extensive and short terms contractual basis.

Our services can be tailored as per our client’s expectations. It gives us an immense enchantment to recommend and contribute to your esteemed company with Male and Female well experienced staff from India and for abroad we provide Philippines & Bangladesh. We assure you for high quality services as to meet your standards and expectations.

GESA can customize our skilled teams to support and adapt to any circumstances of the provided companies. This includes establishing corporate culture. We work diligently to be reliable citizens and adhere to your corporate policies. We support our customers sustainability plans including minimizing waste, composting, recycling, and reuse wherever possible. GESA hire. GESA manage. You can luxuriate. Our hiring process is one of the most stringent in the industry. We search for candidates with experience with good behavioral background and no criminal record nationally, who bring an energetic, spirited and steadfast focus to the work to make the workplace the peaceful, safe and sound place to work in.

We are looking forward to doing business with your reputed companies and for any further details or inquiries; please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to doing business with your reputed companies and for any further details or inquiries; please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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