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Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited are zealous about its business and paramount provider of specialist training, auditing, consulting and management safety services, proficient of providing an far-reaching array of services in conjunction with customization about our clients’ specific needs and requirements. Our objective is to sustain, maintain and provide the best services and products, alongside improving and upgrading ourselves constantly.

GESA uses the latest accessible Technologies to execute its best services among all.
Having recourse to a combination of anticipation and belief people have with us, we are able to equate our strength, its inimitability with market standards with best quality. Owing to the nature of our business we are competent to provide a very flexible easily modified approach to altered circumstances of every organization and can adapt to suit client specific business customization. Learning with our own vast experience has revealed to us that there are many diverse issues to explore and implementation of our skills. Our experts are forerunner have over decade experience in servicing sectors  with many different organizations in vast array of industry from regional-state- national to international.

“Your employees are unique? Your organization is unique? Shouldn’t your safety culture programmed be unique?”


GESA is a complete service training and safety service provider company. Our valuable services help you as an manager, to recognize the following:-

  • Training – Best training to workers and employers with certification to have safety in their operational environment.
  • Audit and Inspection Auditing service will facilitate you to eliminate your weaknesses, for the stronger organization.
  • EHS Consulting And Management – EHS Consulting and management renders advise and help several companies to develop best safety practice by identification of companies forte and shortcomings, risk assessment & safety implementation techniques to company. EHS management plays a significant role in the organization for systematic EHS Consulting and management involves in company advising for safety process and for systematic safe movement.
  • Manpower Resourcing – Our manpower resources will assist you to employ best trained qualified professional certified by professional Institution.
  • Fire System Services – Fire protection are worth the investment for your location and for its occupants. The advantages of installing a fire alarm system are numerous. Having systems in your home that will help keep your family & guests and having Fire systems in your offices safe when emergencies occur are essential.

These are all about extensive range health and safe of services we are committed to provide which can be custom-made and personalized to suits specific client requirements.

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All the way through the complete services process we will lend a hand to develop a Framework that assigns role of training for employee, documentation efforts, manage processes, creates and maintain a  superior wide-open outstretched culture of safety for your organization.

“Your employees & worker are most valuable asset don’t provide them with the bare minimum or least fulfilling”

“Your employees & workers are most valuable asset, Let them harvest the perquisites of safe and sound work environment.”

We work with every level of your organization to create and enhance the culture of safety, reduce loss but also see increase productivity and profitability.That is why Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance(Gesa) Private Limited offers you the most excellent and qualitative safety services to help your organization to become-and stay- compliant with your industry with zero accidents score board

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