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Fire system services

Geotic Environment Safety And Security Alliance (GESA) Private Limited offers you fire alarm and fire protection services. We aim to provide with the fire system safety, management and services.  We in an instantaneous period of time growing progressively in the fire system services due to our real time training, immediate on call services, and high satisfaction index to our esteemed clients.

GESA offers one in all solution in a safety management and security company, who has experience and expertise in all types of safety and security training and management system, now we have contract with Sai industries and Om fire for fire alarm and fire protection services

As it is said prevention is better than cure, we at GESA ensure to help with all the necessary skills and steps required to prevent fire, however we also provide protection in case of fire. Every person nowadays wants to protect their houses, properties, workplace, business etc. hence we provide complete solution for fire system installation services and prevention methods. Not All types of calamities can be prevented, hence protection is equally important.

Laws and regulations require employers to implement fire protection and prevention in the workplace and cater the same.

GESA provide the installation of fire sprinkler and fire system for floor assembly to form fire compartment in day to limit the spread of Fire control the high temperature and more which also contains manual and automatic detection and suppression of Fire. Our fire system services will eliminate the risk of fire in your organization thus limiting the loss and consequences catering your organization enhanced performance safe and sound environment to your workforce. Our step by step approach to provide services in fire safety management with fire alarm installations and maintenance, Different types of  Fire extinguisher installations and maintenance.

GESA also imparts online, onsite and offsite training on:

  • Fire Detection
  • Identification of Different types of Fire
  • Use of Fire extinguisher
  • Methods of Fire prevention
  • How to deal in unforeseen fire tragedy
  • Fire CPR and education
  • Fire evacuation and emergency exits.

Our some of the fire services are listed below:

Fire detection Alarm : Security fire detection alarms system is a established technique to prevent fires, GESA security system holds a license in fire and emergency alarm installation. .Upon the customer requirement we do monthly, half yearly and yearly monitoring and evaluation of the complete system. If your system is triggered internally or externally your company will be notified immediately.

Fire fighting product : This include fire extinguisher, Light bars, Breathing apparatus such as SCBA and Air products, Stabilization and lifting equipment’s, fire fighting tools, Rescue equipment’s etc.

Fire fighting system : An integrated system of Fire detection and emergency alarm, warning, protecting and saving lives in case of fire emergencies. It also includes Software installation with fire alarm so as to maintain records, documentation and no. Of alarms generated by the system and any defect in the integrated system will be notified by such software.

Operational service and maintenance: As per needs of the client we provide operational services and maintenance services to our clients as per package opted by them.

Software: We provide Data management, Incident analysis software, Mapping and GIS, and record management.

GESA is convinced that basic safety training is a vital and must be given to all employees for a occupational fire safe and sound environment.

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