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Security Solutions

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited Security services is one of the neoteric emerging and highly distinct enterprising active security services which is used by many of the largest businesses and educational institutes also GESA ideas, designs, installs, maintain, security management, audit, upgrade of technology providing far sightedness of security across several public and private sectors all over the world. We are working diligently and conscientiously to occupy a leading edge progressive position in providing integrated security solutions.

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited has been involved  in security solutions like:


  • Unarmed Personal
  • Cash Security Management Services
  • Event Security Management
  • Personal Bodyguards And Bouncer
  • Security Audit
  • Lady Marshall

FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES: GESA is instrumental in bringing the world class professionals support management services. Perfection in work, management techniques, Use of technology, satisfaction of client is our key features. Following services are as follows:

  • Housekeeping And Cleaning Services
  • Tea Boy And Office Boy Services
  • Labor And Workers Supply Services

ELECTRONIC SECURITY SERVICES: A GESA security service is renowned for its excellent security services in Electronic security. Subsequent electronic services are provided by us:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Public Scanning System (PCS)
  • Baggage Scanning and Checking
  • Visitor Management System (VMS)
    • Time Management System
    • Queue Management System
  • Fire And Emergency Alarm:
  • Parking Management System (PMS):

GESA security works on all embracing replete wide range security. We provide all manner of security with best professional trained experts of our team using the distinct policies that made us renowned and eminent in the competitive viable market. TO ensure that our each product and its security services should be efficient we basically perform an internet testing and trials for most of the security system before launching in market and we believe in security maintenance plan to sustain and enhance the productivity of system installed thereby reducing risk to your businesses.

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited Security: has local as well as global resources and asset with latest and innovative technology to meet the desired standard of our esteemed customer. We strongly believes that we are the right company for you and is ready to detonate the differences between security services by an ordinary security company and security services provided by  GESA SECURITY. With a strong focus on security solutions we believed in sustained professionalism and leadership quality in our own staffs.

GESA SECURITY aims at premium quality of professionalism. We had an association with every sector of organization private, public or corporate. We are dealing and providing security to array of companies, industries, malls, educational institutes etc we are establishing our security solutions in a highly experienced network with a trained staff under expert supervision with deep knowledge and dedication.

GESA SECURITY has a distinct vision for fulfilling and implementing our integrated security system and services with outstanding customer services for existing and potential clients. Eventually we are trying to make sure that our clients are penned a maximum benefit from our solution provided by Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited. This is all  achieved through are highly motivated team of engineers, their hard work, commitment, real time solutions  expertise, proficiency  in risk management, crisis management  and technicians who are always ready to give professional assistance ensuring to the exclusive requirement of every client.

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