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Audit and Inspection

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited is newly auditing Association which have professional authorized auditor who has done more than 3000 audit in an assortment of industry. Audits are done for the purpose of safety, health, wellbeing and different hazards classification and recognition. The assessment of workplace and site audit compliance to OSHA standards provides an evaluation ergonomics, respirator use, hearing conservation and use of protecting and defensive equipment. For the safety of the each individual working at the workplace it is a management technique that is highly recommended by the government regulations of each country.

GESA provide various services and different types of audit which is revealed through EHS experts and compliances with regulatory requirements. Our auditor’s team is formed representing 7-8 members of an assortment of interest for each industry to carry out health and safety audit. Our auditors have explicit practical industry experience and comprehensive knowledge in a array of safety management processes. Our Auditor have successfully perform thousands of Audit to help clients to determine the level of compliance of the existing practices, programs, policies and procedures with valuable respect to numerous rules and requirement. Our auditors are well qualified safety consultants and they believe in reviewing and understanding the industries or institute before auditing so as to contribute positively for the betterment of the organization.

GESA is serving the companies to develop the auditing process from time to time to verify the compliance with such program. Audit of worksite, or in institutes is done to identify and recognize the fire hazards, health risk and safety and GESA is time and again proven effective for the same. We also advise our clients on appropriate improvement to their own audit process. Our experts auditor’s reports mainly identify, detect and recognize the core causes of ineptitude act in accordance with a command or non-compliance or other deficiencies. Priorities issues according to the greatest risk and potential for harm to our client, clearly explain the regulatory requirement that is not fully complied with recommend area for improvement. Audits are an integral part of any health and safety program. Our experienced auditors do assessment and check compliance to OSHA laws and regulations. Various audits are the performance and evaluation tools to ensure regulatory compliance and IT companies corporate culture focus on safety for all personnel. GESA provide the professional auditing services to measure your substantially, ensure in compliance with legislation and ready for your next complain audit and also evaluate the effectiveness of diverse programs designed for health and safety. GESA’s professional skilled auditors fundamentally check your company going beyond safety inspection to include and do assessment of your own policy, risk, assessment, training and all aspects.

GESA Audit covers and relates below extended standards:

  • ISO-9001: One of the most accepted ISO standard series, ISO-9001 is the international standard for Quality management system. GESA does audit to systematize processes of the industries, institute or organization, To check whether or not the processes used in industries or organizations are working effectively.

  • ISO-14001: Are the international standards to deal with the instantaneous and extensive impact on environment, services and manufactured goods produced or used by the industries and organizations product. GESA has experienced audit team to work in each phase and completing it successfully.
  • BRITISH STANDARD (BS)-18004 OHSAS – 18001: It is an international standard to achieve the effective occupational health and safely. It provides a complete guidance to improvise and manage the by and large performance.
    GESA review he organization and with the knowledgeable team it gives a practical, applicable, safe and manageable suggestions and recommendations for the healthier performance of the organizations.
  • INDIAN STANDARD (IS)- 14489-1998 INDIAN FACTORY ACT 1948: Established in 1998, Keeping the safety of the Indians in mind the Indian standard of safety IS-14489 came into existence. This Indian standard provides course of action for audit objectives, basis of audit, norms and practices, it also cater guidance such as preparation, carrying out audit specification and important documentation of occupational health and safety at workplace for the safety of workforce.
  • NFPA: It’s a baseline of inspection and audit, examining, safeguarding and management of water based fire protection system. GESA helps you to maintain compliance with system to avoid any kind of unfortunate incidents.
  • BS – 9999- 2008: It’s a standard guidance for fire safety for building design, maintenance and its utility provided by government. As per this standard GESA’s auditors examines and audit all the possible ways of fire strategy considering the safety of the workforce at the workplace. We also provide training to organizations how to tackle and counter the fire emergencies ensuring the safety of the co-workers.
  • OISD – 154: Oil industry safety Directorate is standard norms formulated and implemented for the safety standards. GESA provide with the audit and the formulated disaster management plan by the experienced team for each industry it was approached.

GESA aims to satisfy the clients and the concerned authority by the complete audit of the system and organization and to constantly improvise in the organizations services, products and processes.

GESA offers various and variety of auditing and Inspection Services. The scope and depth of the audit/inspection will be designed to suit your requirement.

GESA offers widest range of audits some of them are mentioned below:-  All the audits are carried out by the experts auditors of the respective field.  Audits are conducted prime purpose it serves is safety management of the entire workforce at the workplace. We review the workplace before commencing with the audits. Our audit consists of many phases designed with types and sizes of all the organizations. We use standard norms and regulations for audit as mentioned above, GESA’s team review all the existing management program of safety viz. health safety, electrical safety, fire safety, vehicle audit compliance, security and site safety etc. On the completion of the audit we provide reports commenting on the existing services and programs , suggestions and recommendations benefitting to the organizations.


Combining a team of seasoned professional with the latest safety information technology Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (GESA) Private Limited can help you to identify recognize and rectify- safety and all hazard before they turn into unfortunate  incidents. Safety is a vital to the success of any project, as such we believe in examining the system as well checking the technical standards as part of audit as per standard of ISO and other international standards.

Audit is an important and useful technique for industrial Management and other large/ small industries, where buy one can obtain a systematic critical appraisal of the effectiveness of company/ plants safety program that is undertaken with a view to suggest improvisation to the organization.

We use a systematic, proven approach to document our assessment and then select the management, administrative and engineering control that’s best address job site hazards and at risk behaviors. Our proficient auditors examine the management system, processes and product of the organization on all safety aspects, we present the report commenting , the best recommendations and suggestions based on several years of subject related experienced on safety aspect, how to eliminate hazards, the level of prevention, protection and emergency management and to minimize and bound the consequences.


GESA believes that health safety and environment inspections are a necessary part of an organization. Performing through checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and employees and other individuals are not put at risk. Inspection are carried out for the sole purpose to identify detect and eliminating the probable hazards.

Geotic Environment Safety And Security Alliance (GESA) Private Limited carry out full HSE inspection of physical aspect of your premises, well as your on-site documentation. GESA’s team uses all the standard norms for the inspection and providing the organization with the reports with an improved and holistic approach to resolve the loop holes in the organization.

GESA believes in Inspection is essential and indispensable element of quantity and cost control which help the organization to identify their weaknesses to rectify.

Our experienced proficient team formulates reports based on inspection with suggested implementations with details below:-

  1. Observation made and hazard identified: GESA inspection team focus on findings and data rather than assumptions this leads to our observations sharp. Our team examines all the data provided and proper scrutiny of the organization to identify and recognize the hazard.
  1. Level of risk(HIGH, MEDIUM OR LOW) : After the critical analysis of the observation made and decisive study of the hazards identified in the organization, surveying the organization discussion with the employees and co-workers, with all the reviews of the existing programs and services, review of all the documentations carried out in an organization we estimate the level of risk , potential hazards and its unforeseen consequences.
  2. Any recommendation necessary to ensure ongoing legal law or compliance: GESA team after inspection provide reports commenting on the ongoing programs and services, hazards identification and the team develop the actions plan required for the organization to eliminate all the hazards for the safety management of the workforce at their workplace. All the necessary suggestions and recommendations are formulated and advised to implementation as for GESA believes every element of safety is important for the workforce.


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